Why Hire a Wedding Bar Catering Company?

In recent years, DIY bartending has become quite a trend among couples who are financially constrained. They assume that uncle Tony or cousin Rabih will take care of the bar just fine, and everyone will be OK. However, having an inexperienced bartender may very well turn into a disaster and end up costing you more money. On the other hand, letting a qualified and experienced professional take over can really make a world of difference.

Listed below are 5 advantages of hiring a wedding bar catering service.

1. Higher Level of Expertise and Skills

Professional wedding bartenders are trained in making a variety of cocktails. They are knowledgeable in choosing and preparing a perfect blend of ingredients thereby making the party way more enjoyable and unique. In addition, these barmen are trained in the craft of serving cocktails. So, when hiring a reputable wedding bar service, you can rest assured that your guests will be well taken care of. Furthermore, because bartenders realize the importance of time, they take great care in tending to the individual needs of their guests the minute they arrive.

2. Helps Create a Mood

If you want your guests to feel engaged and impressed, no better option is available than to hire a wedding bartender. These professionals are seasoned and passionate about preparing and serving exotic and themed cocktails. Since all invitees expect high-quality entertainment, having them making their own drinks, or even limiting their options to wine and whiskey would be a mistake. In turn, affording them a customized drinks experience in accordance with the guests’ taste is always a more favorable option. Above all, that kind of service enables everyone to really kick back and enjoy the festivities.

3. Cost-Cutting

In most cases, a wedding bartender can help when it comes to choosing liquors and wines based on each project’s budget, which allows for the introduction of additional options. A specialized bar menu unique to the event itself is another amenity that differentiates each event to ensure an unforgettable experience.

4. They Have the Right Tools

Not all DIY wedding bartending service companies have and use the right tools for any occasion of choice. However, a trained wedding bartender will not only have all the necessary tools, but will also master their use when preparing and serving drinks, including cocktail shakers, garnishing trays, bottle openers, among others. This ensures that the bar-to-table experience is carried out according to the highest available standards of safety, service, quality and taste.

5. The Bar Is an Excellent Area for Invitees to Mingle

A bar catering company would plan a themed bar at your wedding and ensure the most suitable proximity to the dance floor to optimize flow and service for all. Aside from the visual appeal the bar provides, it also functions as an area to mingle and interact.

These are just some of the benefits to expect when hiring a professional wedding bar service.

Wedding Bartenders – Do You Need them?

Wedding Bartenders – Do You Need them?


A lot of people believe that wedding caterers or venues provide bar staff, thereby eliminating the need for them to hire a professional bartender separately.

However, this isn’t always true, which means you might need to buy your preferred spirits, liquors and mixers and hire bar staff in order to get a decent bar service at your wedding. But this might not be the worst decision ever since there are numerous benefits of hiring your own wedding bartender.

First and foremost, a wedding bartender will take care of all the complicated work, which goes way beyond just popping bottles and pouring drinks.

Secondly, they focus on providing guests with a unique and intimate experience, one that they will remember for quite some time.


In addition to that, a professional bar catering will also assist you in determining what cocktail choices and mixtures to serve your invitees, an endeavor that can prove to be very overwhelming if done on one’s own. Last but not least, they will also help you stay within your budget and at the same time get you what you desire.

Already made up your mind about hiring bartending services for the wedding?

Here’s what you need to know.

  • The Requirements and Policy of Your Wedding Venue – Some venues give you the option of purchasing and serving your own liquor even when they can offer the service themselves. So make sure to inquire beforehand. Sometimes, buying the alcohol and hiring a wedding bartender can prove to be more cost-effective.
    When it comes to space, does your venue have enough space to accommodate the bar? Make sure to enquire about it as well

  • Your Own Requirements – The next step is to look at your own requirements. For example, do you want to have one wedding bar, or more than one? Any specific bar shape/theme you prefer? Similarly, what type of experience do you wish to give your guests? Get a good idea of what you would like so you can communicate it.

  • Offer a Signature Drink – Signature drinks were quite the rage a couple of years ago, and are now making a major comeback. Your signature drink (Bride/Groom Cocktail) should mirror your personality and your story, so be sure to add something unique.

  • Be Thorough in Your Research – As with every vendor you will use for your wedding, make sure you make some effort and properly learn about the company you are thinking of going with. Find out what comes in your package, read clients’ feedback, and inquire about legal issues, licensing and insurance. Find out about the relationship between the bar catering company and the other suppliers at your wedding. The more you know, the better off you will be when your special day arrives.

  • Don’t let a full wedding bar intimidate you – You do need different kinds of alcohol at your wedding to give your guests variety. By picking the right quantities and brands with the help of a professional wedding bartender, you could add a wide variety of cocktails in addition to the basics without having to spend a ton.