Liquid Engineers’ Evolution

Liquid Engineers’ Evolution

“Being determinate is living and achieving your own dreams”

We (Naji and Elie) are the founders of Liquid Engineers.
Our beautiful journey started in 2009, following our extensive bartending experience, when we were asked to use our magic hands and serve Mojitos and cocktails at a wedding. In the event the crowd was obviously in love with what we served.

None of us knew that this day was the beginning of a success story.

Life Changing Event

Our first event turned out to be a huge success. Positive feedback played a major role in keeping us mixing new cocktails and in creating a great environment and ambience at weddings and events.

That day Liquid Engineers was born.

At first, we used to serve on tables at different functions. Then, we started to adapt and renew furniture to match with every event theme. Now, we custom-make our bars every season to cater to the needs of our couples and the latest global trends.

Evolution of Liquid Engineers

This year, our fates changed. Liquid Engineers now had a custom-made bar to work with. We finally managed to build our first bar. Nothing fancy but a white wooden separable module, equipped with the essentials and only 3.5 meters wide. It could just reach that far. This was our very first bar, though quite small in size, it was soon humongous. That year, we handled four weddings and a couple of private gatherings

2013: Our “Nature Vintage Bar” was created. We were looking to cater more outdoor events, day weddings, private parties and we managed to pull that off.  


2014: Our “Classic Bar” replaced the first simple wooden bar. Its brilliant design could be covered with either white, black, mirror or gold mirror fittings with an excellent structure that made a huge difference in our journey where we kept receiving calls from customers.  


2015: Our “Curve Bar” was launched, entirely made from Styrofoam. An ultra-light, elegantly designed bar ideal for classic indoor and hotel weddings. &nbsp


2016: We experimented and created something out of the box. We named it “The Tricycle”.
A Mobile Rickshaw capable of being placed at various events like birthdays, private gatherings, weddings, etc…
In the same year, our “Modern Vintage Bar” was designed to provide a rustic look, fitting perfectly in modern-day themed weddings or functions.  


2017: We announced our “Baravan Bar”, a unique Caravan, turned into a mobile bar, that could be used to serve at any outdoor function.  

2018: We released our “Urban Bar”, a uniquely designed masterpiece, for its bold character.  

2019: Still working hard to develop the “Parametric Bar” that will be launched very soon.  

Liquid Engineers have improved considerably by then. We were able to make a huge name for ourselves.
We have evolved from standard drink servers to the country’s most exceptional mixologist masters.

“In the end, hard work does pay off. You might look left and right and see a lot of people who have succeeded instantly, but there is no easy shortcut to Success”

– Naji and Elie

Drinks On Us!

The Increasing Influence of Lebanese Bar Caterers in Jordan

The Increasing Influence of Lebanese Bar Caterers in Jordan

There has indeed been a surprising increase in demand for more bar catering services in Jordan. Nowadays, more people are looking to introduce bars in their private events for different purposes. People consider bars as a luxury addition and also as a source of pleasure and entertainment. This is quite evident in events such as wedding parties, corporate events, and birthday parties. Due to these reasons, most of these events are now full of some thrilling and amazing beverages for the guests to enjoy.

However, the change in trend has attracted a lot of similar services to come and open their accounts in Jordan. Catering services, especially from Lebanon, are quite common in major cities like Amman and Irbid. They are hired to provide quality and professional services. The locals prefer Lebanese bar caterers for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is that they face difficulties in finding a professional service provider in Jordan.

Jordanian bar caterers have the required knowledge for their services, but they can make some more improvement. One of the most important reasons for the shift in trend is that there are not many bar caterers in Jordan. The limited amount of choices makes it even harder to find a suitable service.

People know bars as the lesser known side of Jordan. They are mostly restricted to a few nightclubs and hotels that also don’t have a variety of beverages. It is also possible to find cocktails and other similar drinks in some cafés as well.

However, most Jordanian locals are not well aware of their presence. This leads them to contact Lebanon based bar caterers. The locals crave for the special Lebanese drinks such as Jallab and Tamer Hindi which are only provided by bar caterers in Lebanon. Such drinks are genuinely mouthwatering and have captured the attention of various Jordanian locals.  When compared to Jordanian caterers, Lebanese caterers have more experience and the required ingredients to light up any event.

Another factor that has led to the change in trend is that there are some government restrictions regarding bars. It is sometimes difficult to get a bar license that affects the number of caterers in Jordan. Alternatively, the authorities in Lebanon have allowed some form of access to such catering companies. As a result, more companies are coming forward with innovative ideas, making events more entertaining and fun.

The more significant amount of knowledge and skill expertise has made Lebanon based bar caterers quite famous. Due to such good attributes, Jordanian bar caterers are trying to follow the same path. It might take some time before the locals can trust their services. However, the increasing influence will leave a positive impact on the local services, which will undoubtedly raise their quality.

How Wedding Bartenders Can Transform Your Wedding

How Wedding Bartenders Can Transform Your Wedding

When trying to create just the right atmosphere for your wedding guests, it is important to make sure that all your guests are given the “VIP treatment” that they deserve. While serving cocktails seems like a no-brainer, it actually requires a lot of attention to detail.

This is because even though a majority of Lebanese catering companies have excellent waiters that know exactly how to serve everyone in the wedding party, they just do not have the skills of a professional bartender. Professional bartenders do much more than just serve cocktails.

If you hire professional wedding bartenders you do not need to worry about keeping your guests busy and entertained, leave it up to the bartender. Here is a list of benefits that you will enjoy when you hire a wedding bartender.

A Variety of Cocktails

The first advantage that you get by hiring a professional wedding bartender is that your guests can enjoy various cocktails that have been created and mixed especially for them. The menu of wedding cocktails will surely not be a boring one if you have a wedding bar service present at your event.



You will find plenty of skilled professionals when you choose bartending services for wedding events. Not only are these professionals extremely good at making a variety of cocktails in the most unique way possible, they are also highly professional and make sure all your guests are served the right way. They do not let crowd bother them and serve them in a systemized way. By making the decision for a wedding cocktail bar hire, make sure no one in your guest list is neglected when it comes to drinks and entertainment.



Another advantage that comes from hiring bartending services for wedding events is simple – your guest will not be bored – professional bartenders are skilled with the art of drink making – it is actually quite mesmerizing.  Your guests can also have a good time while enjoying the immaculate service given and the ability of these professionals to put on a show for the guests. A wedding bartender is not merely a server but also a unique attraction for the guests. Your guests will have a lot of fun observing how they mix and create cocktails while showing off their unique skills.



The last advantage will make you massively thank the wedding bar service. Along with serving and entertaining your guests, the wedding bartender will also make sure to keep track of each guest’s alcohol consumption. If they feel a particular has had enough to drink, they will suggest something lighter on the menu such as a mocktail. You do not have to worry about your guests having a bit too much if you have hired the right wedding bar service.


Bottom Line

So, if you want to incorporate that unique twist to your wedding and want your guests to remember the event for a long time to come, make sure you opt for bar catering for weddings. This new trend has completely transformed the way weddings take place for all the right reasons.


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