What to Look in a Bartender for Your Wedding
May 11, 2018 liquidengineers

You can almost hear the wedding bells, yet you still haven’t found someone to take care of your bartending needs. The best idea would be to hire a professional wedding bar catering company, one who will take care of the process from start to finish, thereby giving you sufficient time to focus on other priorities. However, getting involved with the wrong wedding bar service can quickly backfire and make the endeavor way more inconvenient than it should be, which is why it is extremely critical to hire the right one in the first place. After all, it is a profession that you, among many other people, might truly be unfamiliar with. Listed below are some of the questions and factors that you need to take into consideration before hiring a wedding bar service.


  • Deal with a company – Amateurs and hobbyists are quite abundant in the Lebanese market. Never trust one of the latter with your wedding Bar . on the other hand, many Bar Catering professional companies are available on the Lebanese market, you aim for these.


  • Experience – Ensure the Bar catering provider of your choice has legit experience in bartending and has served a considerable number of events and not only limited to weddings.


  • Business Website / Social Media Channel – Though a website shouldn’t be the top priority, it does give you a good idea about the company and shows how serious the business really is. Not having a website in 2018 may be a little suspicious, so tread carefully.
    After all, you need to know what they look like, the kind of services they offer, where have they served before, the prices they charge, and the policies that they have. A website is crucial since it allows you to gather all the information related to the wedding bar service, such as their contact info, videos, pictures, customer feedback, overall rating, links to other articles and/or party professionals, etc.


  • Communication and responsiveness – How quickly does the Bar Catering company of your choice responds to your phone calls, emails, and questions? You shouldn’t have to hunt them down and wait two days before you finally get a reply. If they fail to respond back within 24 hours, move on to someone else.


  • Company Location – It always best to pick a Bar caterer located near the capital Beirut but capable of covering the whole Lebanese territory.


  • A menu for custom wedding cocktails – This is an excellent bonus feature to have. If you are going with a cocktail menu, having your wedding bar service provide you one based on your preferences and specifications is an incredible service to have. There may be a small fee involved depending on the extent of the menu and the effort required to develop it.
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