Liquid Engineers for Your Jordan-based Events

Liquid Engineers for Your Jordan-based Events

In Jordan, finding a suitable bar service is not that difficult. All it takes is some effort and time to find a good place that serves your favorite beverages. Once you do that, you will have a great time in Jordan as it is one of the most amazing places in the Arab world.

Bar services can light up any of your events. They can provide the extra luxury that your events need for being successful. Bar catering services can also give a significant rise to the entertainment levels in your events.

Here are a few reasons why Liquid Engineers is your best choice for all of your events in Jordan:

Variety of Beverages

Where most of bar catering companies lack quality in their beverages, this is indeed not the case with us. We guarantee the same list of drinks we serve in Lebanon to give you the promised experience. You will find various fruitful and thrilling drinks that will surely lift your mood.

Top Quality Service

You may be aware of the lack of quality in service provided by most bar caterers in Jordan. One of our most important priorities is to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied. We ensure that despite changing our locations, we maintain the quality that you want.

Experienced Personnel

A significant issue with most of the catering companies is their low experience. A well-known company is recognized for its quality and reputation through its experience in the field. Our staff is highly professional and possesses enough skills to cater to all of your events.

Special Bar Themes

If you are craving for those special Lebanese bar setups, we have got your back. Apart from these, you can also have access to themes such as tropical, Western and other similar setups. Having a unique bar theme in your parties can easily impress your guests. In the case of a business event, a unique bar setup can act as a playground for you to seal some great deals as well.

The Ideal Bar Catering Company

Whether it’s a wedding or a business meeting, our beverages can suit any of your events. Any professional bar catering company should have the right amount of expertise to deal with its clients. Coming from Lebanon to Jordan, we bring the right ingredients to satisfy your bar demands.

For quite some time, Liquid Engineers has served numerous Jordanian clients with the best services. The excellent services have made it easier for Jordanian locals to hire a suitable bar catering company for their events. Due to its other positive attributes, it has certainly made the process of catering to foreign clients look a lot easier.

The Increasing Influence of Lebanese Bar Caterers in Jordan

The Increasing Influence of Lebanese Bar Caterers in Jordan

There has indeed been a surprising increase in demand for more bar catering services in Jordan. Nowadays, more people are looking to introduce bars in their private events for different purposes. People consider bars as a luxury addition and also as a source of pleasure and entertainment. This is quite evident in events such as wedding parties, corporate events, and birthday parties. Due to these reasons, most of these events are now full of some thrilling and amazing beverages for the guests to enjoy.

However, the change in trend has attracted a lot of similar services to come and open their accounts in Jordan. Catering services, especially from Lebanon, are quite common in major cities like Amman and Irbid. They are hired to provide quality and professional services. The locals prefer Lebanese bar caterers for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is that they face difficulties in finding a professional service provider in Jordan.

Jordanian bar caterers have the required knowledge for their services, but they can make some more improvement. One of the most important reasons for the shift in trend is that there are not many bar caterers in Jordan. The limited amount of choices makes it even harder to find a suitable service.

People know bars as the lesser known side of Jordan. They are mostly restricted to a few nightclubs and hotels that also don’t have a variety of beverages. It is also possible to find cocktails and other similar drinks in some cafés as well.

However, most Jordanian locals are not well aware of their presence. This leads them to contact Lebanon based bar caterers. The locals crave for the special Lebanese drinks such as Jallab and Tamer Hindi which are only provided by bar caterers in Lebanon. Such drinks are genuinely mouthwatering and have captured the attention of various Jordanian locals.  When compared to Jordanian caterers, Lebanese caterers have more experience and the required ingredients to light up any event.

Another factor that has led to the change in trend is that there are some government restrictions regarding bars. It is sometimes difficult to get a bar license that affects the number of caterers in Jordan. Alternatively, the authorities in Lebanon have allowed some form of access to such catering companies. As a result, more companies are coming forward with innovative ideas, making events more entertaining and fun.

The more significant amount of knowledge and skill expertise has made Lebanon based bar caterers quite famous. Due to such good attributes, Jordanian bar caterers are trying to follow the same path. It might take some time before the locals can trust their services. However, the increasing influence will leave a positive impact on the local services, which will undoubtedly raise their quality.

The Increasing Trend of Bar Caterers in Jordan

The Increasing Trend of Bar Caterers in Jordan


In recent times, there has been a surprising rise in the number of bar catering services. Previously, you could only drink a select few cocktails and other similar beverages in a few nightclubs and laid-back cafes. In recent times, people have started to introduce different kind of blends as customary requirements for their private events. The best thing is that you can still enjoy some refreshing drinks with no alcohol involved. These amazing non-alcoholic beverages are a great addition to events like private parties, weddings, corporate events and other similar gatherings.


Why Is The Trend Changing?

There can be many reasons why there is a significant increase in the list of bar catering services. A common reason could be that people prefer beverages such as virgin cocktails and other bar specialties as a source of pleasure and entertainment. Many people consider bars and bartenders as a luxury addition to the menu. People also use it to light up their events to make them more enjoyable and a big hit.

In cities like Amman, bartender catering services are a common sight in Luxury weddings and other private events, Such events make a cause for celebration which can be aided by hiring a bar catering company and a barman to handle the bar. In Amman, numerous corporate events also make use of bar caterers. This is mostly done to facilitate the international clients and convince them of their generous hospitality.  Bar setups, in general, provide a suitable platform to negotiate deals and chatter about different issues. Having the right bar catering company might prove to be a success factor for a particular event.

People also assume bars as cost-effective entertainment sources. The sight of mixing different drinks and the quality of service lifts the mood of the people present at an event. They tend to enjoy more and get impressed quite easily.

These factors have contributed a lot to the increasing trend of bar caterers in Jordan. Another thing to understand is how exactly the trend is making a shift. The level of professionalism and quality showed by bar catering companies has also had a major effect on the shift. After seeing such qualities in the newly opened bar catering companies, it is normal for numerous individuals and groups to hire their services. This is because bartending companies bring in creativity and something new and special to their events.

Other countries like Egypt, Unites Arab Emirates/Dubai have also benefitted from the new trend brought in by the various bar catering companies. With their creative approach and quality services, they have carved out a significant space in the market.  The introduction of bar catering services has met with huge success, which indicates a bright future for them in Jordan and MENA region.


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